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Professional charter services

Are you looking for a bus operator? We provide charter bus and cargo carrier services in Finland and other European countries, as well as Russia. We also specialise in airport transfers, and we primarily transport customers from the airports in Oulu, Rovaniemi, Kuusamo and Kittilä to Luosto, Pyhä, Kakslautta and Saariselkä. You can make reservations in advance, and will be greeted by neatly dressed drivers carrying a sign with your name. You will easily be able to find your driver. Our drivers speak Finnish and English.

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Charter buses

Charter bus services: we have two Mercedes Benz VIP Minibuses, one for 7 passengers, and one for 16 passengers.

Our large tourist coaches can accommodate 57 passengers.

LTP-Charter’s quality guarantee

Our transportation services
We offer charter bus services in Finland and abroad. Our values are quality, safety, trust and first class customer service.

We provide up-to-date information on our website and Facebook page

Every member of our staff is an experienced professional. Our drivers can speak different languages to meet our customers’ needs. Our drivers all receive training in eco-friendly driving, and they comply with environmental safety regulations. Our staff operates in a way that is consistent with the values of our company and our quality objectives.

Our comprehensive fleet serves a wide range of customer needs. We have charter buses in a range of sizes that can accommodate 7 to 57 people. All of our buses have modern equipment. You can always count on having a clean and well-maintained vehicle for your needs.

Customer satisfaction and feedback
Superior customer service is one of our values, and we encourage our customers to be active in providing feedback. We have many long-standing customer relationships which allow us to develop our customer services and to respond to customer needs for the long term. We aim to respond to customer feedback as quickly as possible and to take any necessary corrective action immediately.

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LTP – Charter Luosto

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